Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Review of A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White

A Soft Place to Land is the second novel by Susan Rebecca White that I've loved from the very first sentence to the very last. She just has this way of weaving a story that makes you feel the characters are a part of your family. A quick synopsis: two sisters named Ruthie and Julia grow up in Atlanta with their parents Phil and Naomi in an affluent neighborhood where the houses are gigantic, every one has maids, butlers, cooks, chauffeurs, etc. Ruthie is the younger of the two, always looking up to Julia, trying hard to emulate her and be like her. Julia is the kind of girl who likes to break from the norm, be a rebel kind of girl. Before they know it, tragedy rips their family apart. The girls are separated and have to figure out things on their own. It's a sad story with funny parts mixed in and you come to the realization that you love both Julia and Ruthie but you also kind of hate them by their words, actions and how they respond to others.  I would highly recommend this story because it shows you family isn't always picture perfect and that there are cracks showing off the imperfections. I will definitely be checking out her latest novel.